IBM Streams Quick Start for SPL

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This guide will help you get up and running with Streams and Streams Processing Language (SPL).

1. Run your first application

Learn how to compile and deploy a Streams application. You can run your application with a local installation of Streams or with Streams running in IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

2. Learn Streams Concepts

Follow the SPL Quick Start to learn how to create a Streams application from scratch using SPL.

3. Start developing your own application

  • Tips for creating SPL applications from scratch

    Now that you have followed a sample and are a bit familiar with the IDE, review these guidelines on how to create your own applications.

  • Learn more about Streams Studio

    Complete the Streams Studio tutorial to learn how to use the drag and drop editor in Streams Studio to create Streams applications.

  • VS Code guide

    (coming soon)

  • Finding sample code

    Once you are more comfortable with SPL development, where can you find sample code to create your own applications?

    • The Streams samples catalog is a searchable database of over 150 examples.


      Click Download zip to download the sample, then import into your editor.

    • Most toolkits on GitHub will have a samples folder included in the release. Download the toolkit release and import one or more of the samples into your IDE. Most toolkits will have information in the on how to run the samples.

    • Search Streamsdev for articles and tutorials, which often include samples.

4. Getting help