What's New

Improved Python Support and IBM DSX Integration

Develop and deploy Streams applications in Python without installing Streams. You can also develop applications right from your browser using IBM Data Science Experience platform, and more!

Streams 4.2

Write applications in pure Java, Scala or Python, score data streams with Spark MLlib, follow your data with lineage and governace and much more!

Analytics on the Edge

Streams V4.2 integrates with Apache Edgent (incubating) to enable analytics from the center to the edge.


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Videos: Streams in Action

The Age of Analytics has begun. When you need answers now, IBM Streams is your solution.

IBM Streams Introduction

Learn Streams in 5 minutes

Streaming Analytics in Python Demo

Create a Streams application in the IBM Data Science Experience

IBM Streaming Analytics on Bluemix

Deploying Apps on Bluemix

IBM Streams + Excel

Streaming Data in Microsoft Excel

Build Apps in Minutes

Building Apps in the Streams Studio IDE


Faster analytics made easy.


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Starter Kits

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Streaming Analytics Samples

Try one of numerous sample applications to learn more about the Streaming Analytics service.


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