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The streamsx.documentation is a community-based documentation project for IBM Streams. The goal of the project is to provide easy-to-follow documentation and development guides to help users get started with Streams.

Getting started with IBM Streams

Streams applications can be developed in Python, Java, and the Streams Processing Language (SPL).

The following are resources to help you get started developing applications using your language of choice.

Developing Streams applications with Python

Developing Streams applications with SPL

Streams Processing Language is specifically designed for creating Streams applications. You can use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) or Streams Studio to get started. Streams Studio provides a full IDE with a graphical drag-and-drop editor.

Developing Streams applications with Java

Developing Streams applications with Scala

Developing Streams applications for edge analytics

Integrating with Streams

There are toolkits available to help you integrate Streams with popular systems like JMS, Kafka, and more.

Some toolkits are included with Streams, and others are available on GitHub.

Full list of available toolkits

Streams 4.2 and 4.1

Further documentation

View the IBM Streams product documentation on IBM Knowledge Center.

Need help?

  1. Ask your questions on the Streams Forum.
  2. If your project is on IBM Streams GitHub, open an issue to the related project.
  3. Ask your questions on StackOverflow.


If you have ideas on how we can better document or explain some of the concepts, we would love to have your contribution. The streamsx.documentation site uses GitHub Pages and Jekyll markdown.

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Providing feedback

To provide feedback on the documentation:

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New documentation

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