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The streamsx.documentation is a community-based documentation project for IBM Streams. The goal of the project is to provide easy-to-follow documentation and development guides to help users get started with Streams.


Get Started with IBM Streams 4.2

IBM Streams: Java Support

IBM Streams: Python Support

IBM Streams: Streams Runner for Apache Beam (supports Apache Beam 2.1)

IBM Streams: Scala Support

IBM Streams 4.1

SPL Samples For Beginners

Streams Product Documentation

Need Help with IBM Streams?

  1. Ask your questions on Streams Forum
  2. If project is on IBM Streams Github, open an issue to the related project.
  3. Ask your questions on StackOverflow


If you have ideas on how we can better document or explain some of the concepts, we would love to have your contribution! The streamsx.documentation site uses Github Pages and Jekyll markdown for our documentation.

Refer to this documentation on Github Markdown: Writing on Github

Refer to this documentation to get started: Using Jekyll with Pages

To contribute, clone this project locally, make your changes, and create a pull request. You can also click on the “Edit Me” button, then click on “Edit this file” to make changes right in your browser.

To learn more on how to do this, refer to this documentation: Contribute to IBM Streams Github Project

Providing Feedback

To provide feedback on our documentation:

  1. Navigate to the documentation page that you would like to provide feedback for.
  2. Click on the Feedback button in the top right corner.

This will open an issue for the page that you are currently visiting.

New Documentation

To request new documentation, please open an issue here: