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Streams 4.2

Write applications in pure Java, Scala or Python, score data streams with Spark MLlib, follow your data with lineage and governace and much more!

Edgent Open Source

Take your analytics to the edge with Edgent. Join the community as we revolutionize IoT streaming.

Streaming Analytics

Perform real-time analysis on data in motion on the cloud with IBM Streaming Analytics for Bluemix™.

Videos: Streams in Action

The Age of Analytics has begun. When you need answers now, IBM Streams is your solution.

IBM Streams Introduction

Learn Streams in 5 minutes

IBM Streams + Excel

Streaming Data in Microsoft Excel

Build Apps in Minutes

Building Apps in the Streams Studio IDE


Faster analytics made easy.


Best-in-class visualization with streaming to Microsoft Excel and state-of-the-art development tooling.


Both real-time analytics and geospatial device monitoring are easy and scalable with our Bluemix™ services.


Serious analytics for serious business. Get answers and take action in real-time.


Streams high availability ensures that all of your data is processed with zero downtime.


Microsecond latency provides you with insight, not hindsight.