IBM Streams Python support

Python APIs for use with IBM® Streaming Analytics service on IBM Cloud and on-premises IBM Streams.

Python Application API for Streams

Module that allows the definition and execution of streaming applications implemented in Python. Applications use Python code to process tuples and tuples are Python objects.

SPL operators may also be invoked from Python applications to allow use of existing IBM Streams toolkits.

See topology

streamsx.topology Python application support for IBM Streams.
streamsx.topology.topology Streaming application definition.
streamsx.topology.context Context for submission of applications.
streamsx.topology.schema Schemas for streams.
streamsx.topology.state Application state.
streamsx.topology.tester Testing support for streaming applications.
streamsx.topology.tester_runtime Runtime tester functionality. Access to the IBM Streams execution context.
streamsx.spl.op Integration of SPL operators.
streamsx.spl.types SPL type definitions.
streamsx.spl.toolkit SPL toolkit integration.

SPL primitive Python operators

SPL primitive Python operators provide the ability to perform tuple processing using Python in an SPL application.

A Python function or class is simply turned into an SPL primitive operator through provided decorators.

SPL (Streams Processing Language) is a domain specific language for streaming analytics supported by Streams.

streamsx.spl.spl SPL Python primitive operators.

Streams Python REST API

Module that allows interaction with an running Streams instance or service through HTTPS REST APIs. REST API bindings for IBM® Streams & Streaming Analytics service.
streamsx.rest_primitives Primitive objects for REST bindings.